Google announce Allo And Duo App : Click to know more about this app

Google announced its new smart messaging app called Allo and video app named Duo at its annual I/O developer conference.

Allo is an app that Google is calling a “smart” messaging app that is tied to your phone number (like WhatsApp). Because it’s tied to your phone number, since it will also just be tied to their phone number. Or as Google puts it, this idea lets you easily get in touch with the people in your phone-book send them an invite to use Allo.

Allo offers pre-written responses to messages you to recieve and lets you use Google’s AI assistant to do things like browse Cabs services and book a cab for a long drive from within a chat or etc.

Duo offers HD video calling but can also adjust to a lower quality if you try to use it on a slow connection. It switches between mobile data and Wi-Fi when possible, and generally seems designed to work in varied conditions—not just places with top connectivity infrastructure. Google says that this should work flawlessly across both slow and fast connections, which means you can video chat at all times if you want, from anywhere.

Duo offers end-to-end encryption for all calls, and Allo has an Incognito mode that is also fully end-to-end encrypted and has a seperate type of notifications.

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