Is there Job security in IT sector?

Hi Friends, I was just reading an article on Economic times and being into IT sector, i really wondered if my job, our future is secured in IT? The question scared me but I thought I will share the details with you all and discuss to find out. As per a US based firm, India will soon loose 6.4 lakh jobs due to automation of companies. These were more likely to affect the lower level employees and that means the junior level staff as well as the middle management staff.

Now most of the population in IT sector is young and generally by the age of 25-30 work in this bracket of lower level to middle level staff. Hence, this news has scared the employees of many multinationals. The company management of many popular IT firms are playing it safe here, as they have actually reversed this psychology, by talking about the number of jobs and recent hiring in the IT sector which seems to be on a all time high since 2009. This is also supported by the fact that India is also the most preferred location for outsourcing due to its smart and tech savvy population for manpower. Countries like US, Canada, UK and Australia look for India to outsource their contracts.

Another report by Hfs, predicts that there would be a 1.4 million job loss across the globe including countries like Philippines, The UK and The USA, but Nasscom which is the governing body for jobs across the world, contradicts this report by stating that technology is ever increasing and due to the newer inventions there are more job creations and hence more job security in IT sector.

No one really knows what Automation and robotics will lead to, it might cut jobs and save money for companies or it may actually create more jobs, hence the future of IT jobs looks uncertain.