You must read these top technological books.

1) The Innovators

If you think you know everything about computers, read The Innovators. Surprises await on every page, The Innovators is a  propulsive, and at times deeply moving story of the people who created the computer and the Internet. From the inventor of computer programming to better-known names such as Bill Gates and Larry Page explores how their minds worked and their ability to collaborate.

2) Mobile Unleashed

This book tells the story of how ARM-based processors can be found inside  95 percent of the world’s mobile devices today. The book especially focuses on three mobile manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Qualcomm.

3) The Inevitable

This book aims to provide an understanding of the tech that will change the future of the planet,Kevin Kelly describe 12 technological imperatives that will transform the way we live. From virtual reality, AI and the digital economy.

4) The Internet

A Brief History of the Future, covering many of the same themes. In this book the internet has moved on from being a pile of connected wires into something resembling an information system.

5) The Phoenix Project

The novel describes the problems that almost every IT organization faces, and then shows the practices of how to solve the problems, improve the lives of those who work in IT and be recognized for helping the business win.