Which is the best technology/software language to be used?

Professional web designers from different parts of the world are aware of the technology that has been used for the purpose of implementing the changes that are required for devoting software. Apart from this, there is always something new in the prices, and the developers have to be aware of the facts. It includes new language and other factors that are considered to be necessary for the sake of execution of the task. It is necessary that the web designers are aware of what has been introduced in the system, as it will help in developing and implementing the changes. Through the method, it is possible to correct the deviations in case there is any. In this method, it is necessary to analyses the changes that are required for the sake of execution or developing a new project for the client. In this process, the programmers have to be aware of the language that can be used for the sake of writing the coding program. The following factors has to be taken into consideration –

  • Better foundation – The size of the organization matters in this case. The program that is developed needs to be quite effective as this will help in developing the best strategies.
  • Support and documentation process – the business house needs to be effective and capable enough to draft and adopt the best technology through which the changes can be implemented into the system. For this, it is necessary to identic the factors that forms a part of the program and document the same.
  • Community – In this process, the impact of the system on the community that has been chosen to be built upon has to be selected. This can be done through documentation process.
  • Stability – The business house needs to be stable, as this will help in drafting and implementing the right steps through which the required changes can be implemented by the management. In this process, it is necessary to document the changes that has been planned to be implemented by the management.

Java has been viewed to be one of the best and refined technologies that help the company in processing the information as required. Besides this, the developers have better knowledge about the changes that takes place in the process of execution of the task. Through this method, it is possible to implement the changes that are related to development and implementation of the program. Such factors are required for the sake of implementing the performance based system that will benefit the company. Also, the process involved in the application building is considered to be quiet effective. Through this method, it is possible for the campy to provide best and reliable services to the clients. The following benefits are associated with the program –

  • Write the software on a particular political program, and analyses the same
  • Develop alternative programs that include www browser and other facilities that are required for execution of the task.
  • Develop effective programs that will help the server to work better. It includes HTML, stores, processing time, and other factors.
  • Combine the application with the services that is being rendered by the company. This will make the application quite user friendly and will offer customized solution.
  • Enables the programmer to write applications that will be useful for users to access the information from handsets and remote processors.

This paper reveals the different steps that are involved in the process of web-applications. The applications are a part of the Java programming languages. Applications are used to improve the level of communion that exists between the server and the clients require, my. Server can store in information that is considered to be quite important for the business houses. It is necessary to develop an effective strategy through which an effective response system can be developed. In this process, an attempt is made to ensure that the program runs on different application program that is considered to be quite important from the business point of view. It also is quite easy to aces the necessary information from the clients servers.

In the world of business, websites plays a vital role to achieve success and growth with profitability. The world is relying on internet and technologies these days. Different languages and applications such as C++, Java, HTML and PHP are being used for websites creation and strong programming language i.e. Java is meaningful in this context. Well-designed web site is not merely advantageous but also saves money in business and creates opportunities. To proceed, the paper will compare the website features of Alamo with other websites like Worldwide Reservations and Pure Car rent, Ling cars, Arnold Clark Car and van rental, Zip car and British Car rental etc.

The web system for rental cars is dependent on software applications that support and easily target the audience. Great success arrives with m commerce and e commerce.

Responsive: Alamo is a website designed with responsive factors that helps its customers to use the features online and one can look for contents, images rotating on the screen and it is designed with appropriate sizes in iPhone, iMac or desktop. Such complex features and applications are experienced with Alamo. Even after having hundreds of websites such as worldwide reservations with responsive features and looks, it is not able to receive so much attention from customers. Apart from aesthetics, there are other advantages with responsive features and functions. Customers can easily modify, view and cancel the reservation in a second when compared with London car rent.

The major benefit of the responsive web-design system is the flexibility to meet the needs of the customers. It creates multiple approaches of website that might be costly and the major advantage is associated with proper optimization of contents. Customers need to be more comfortable and it is possible with responsive design. Alamo uses same URL on all devices and serves to fit onto any screen size. Thus our website will offer best experience to the customers.

Schedule of car availability: The information of car availability in the website offers huge advantages and customers have the choice of knowing the information on availability and this will not consume a lot of time. Thus Alamo possesses this beautiful feature in their website and other websites are lacking this feature when compared to pure car rent and Worldwide Reservations etc. With the online availability of information, the tools in the website help to deal with greater availability and booking references. A powerful and easy to access the affordable reservation system by Alamo helps its clients to track the booking references, contact details, policies and information etc. Information on availability of car was not provided in the old websites i.e. known as Worldwide Reservations, Ling cars, Arnold Clark Car and van rental, Zip car and British Car rental.

Jquery means java script feature: JavaScript is the most simple and versatile language that helps with important functions in websites. It focuses on different range of visual effects on the screen to process the data and on web pages by using handy features. JavaScript has become the most commonly used programming language that is recognized globally as well as personally. It helped to measure the java script in single code whereas jquery is described as query associated with the uses of Java in a childish manner. It simplifies.

Java script is faster to the end user and this language is important to understand the syntax that is linked to English. It is one of the easy, adaptable and useful languages for improving the functionality among websites. Java Script controls powerful language of scripting with the features of dynamic effects in web pages. The designer can focus on dynamically developed text at run time. Browser detection is one of the important features of Java Script that develops skills to achieve the independent platforms. It also measures the browser type and offer customized pages for individual users. There is a better control over the browser.

Its function is to save time with the strong features of data validation at the client front. This is meaningful with saving of processing time because it offers high validation on the client side. Client side JavaScript is the most common form of language and it is executed with the form submission by the user. There are benefits with immediate feedback, higher level of interactivity and richer interfaces.

It supports object oriented programming that has significant advantages such as:-

Storage management is done automatically and this decreases the challenges of many classes.

It is robust with no pointers, automatic garbage gathering and it is strict in checking the detection of errors. In addition to robust features, Java Script is also secure and safe with higher validity etc.

Similarly Alamo uses Java script features in its websites for creating the solid foundation and focusing on higher level of performance. It supports in adopting golden opportunity for business and Java Script provides high performance and it is event driven for both communication and data persistence. It creates flexible and dynamic and well organized and efficient websites. It remains no longer a client side language because Jquery is quite DOM reliable and has huge community. It has been simple to learn and implement. It plays widely with other languages in huge variety.

When compared to other websites like pure car rent and old website World Wide Reservations, these websites were lacking the uses of java script features and it is very important for strong attention and responsiveness.

Java script has a high level language for programming and it uses portable language that combines to make sense and it also supports objects. If it is avoided by website designers, they may not have enough information on attributes and tools. Consequently websites that are lacking should focus on this feature for strong benefits.

There are certain disadvantages associated with Java Script such as security related issues because the code executes on the computer of the user’s computer and it can be dangerous for malicious reasons. Thus Alamo will remain careful in this context. Java Script is sometimes interpreted in a different manner and client side scripts will be unpredictable so it is importantly recommended for the browsers to remain safe and secure.

Dynamic website uses more complex codes when compared to static websites and Alamo is using the same features that possess strong advantages.

Dynamic website is a site that has remarkable contents through which the readers and other people can be attracted towards the website. The structure and the design are created in such a way that the contents and its meaning are clearly defined or shown to the readers on the website in an effective manner. The best thing about such websites is that it is developed in different languages and this is one of the reasons that the method is chosen by many people across the world. Through this method it is possible to handle the complex situation and overpower the same in an effective manner. This is one of the reasons the demand for the dynamic websites across the world has tremendously increased. Here the database is included at the time of calculating the effectiveness or productivity of the website. Also the designers ensure to select the best method through which the opportunities of the website can be developed and implemented in the right manner.

This is one of the reasons it is essential to understand the importance of the creation of the dynamic website for different companies and others. In this method, the developers are not expected to have complete or specific knowledge about the IT process as this can be performed in-house. In other words the risk that is related to the dependability of the process or the website developments.  Some of the advantage s of this method is mentioned below –

  1. It has a scalable method – such a system or website has different varieties of modules. This allows the users to make the best use of the resources and analyses the challenges that exists in the system. Also, the unlimited capabilities that are defined in terms of interaction, calendars, newsletters, and others can be easily included into the system. Thus it becomes more useful as compared to the other existing methods that are available with the system.
  2. User friendly – this system as compared to the other existing methods are quite easy to use and provide major benefits to the users. This is one of the reasons; the demand for such products has tremendously increased. Besides this, it is easy to install and train the staff to use the same. Also, the level of maintenance that is required for the sake of execution of the task is also simple, and this is one of the reasons why many companies and enterprise choose this method over the others.
  3. Development cost –as compared to the other methods or systems that are available in the market it is necessary to understand the fact that the developmental cost of such a system is quite less. This is one of the reasons why many companies chose to install such a system. The necessary updates that are made or required by the company can be done on the system without losing much time on the same. The cost of investment is less, and thus can help the user in multiple manners.

There are certain disadvantages associated with dynamic websites and the browser should know that it is expensive to develop and requires little more cost or time. The content might not be easily visible for search engines and it might be time consuming. Thus it is also expensive to develop and host.

Other websites of car rents also uses dynamic websites but they are not able to manage the content properly. This lacks attraction and decreases the benefits. Thus it is always recommended to make the search engine user friendly and attractive. The content should be personalized and that can quickly move the customers to conversion. Alamo strongly focuses on unique viewing history and past purchases as well as ratings. With respect to user involvement, the content of the website would be delivered correspondingly. The power of dynamic content by Alamo drives customization based upon information from website viewers. The fact is customers are interested in their specific needs and they do not care about other irrelevant information. Thus Alamo is providing personalized characteristics and responses with the complete information on service purchases.

Quick and speedy features: The quick and speedy features on websites help to meet the special responses. It comprises of certain benefits such as:-

Compatibility: It helps with compatibility and quick information. This will focus on ease, scalability, reliability and cost effectiveness. This feature is applicable with Java Script.

No errors features: The “no errors” feature in the website fixes the improper information into the websites. Error recovery is the process of user guide to form validation and there are important methods of error recovery. These methods can be categorized as server side validation and it functions to support the web browser. It is more secure and validation exists with the form of data submission to the server. Alamo is focusing on associating form controls and all important information to ensure the completion of the form successfully. If either client side validation exists, there is a 3 step process that ensures accessible recovery of errors. Alamo concentrates in alerting the user for the error occurrence in an accessible approach. It permits the user for easy access to modify the controls. The other websites like World Wide Reservations are lacking on this feature and pure car rent also is unable to meet these requirements. They focus on developing best accessibility and focusing on optimal approaches for the layout and complexity of the forms.

Through this paper an attempt is made to analyses the reasons for selecting Java programming language. The benefits that are associated with the Java language is also analyzed as this will help in conducting the research that is required for carrying out the research work. It uses TIOBE portal that is known to be one of the best and efficient programming languages that has been used across the world. Thru program has been designed and implemented by one of the professionals who can cater the needs of the clients.

This system basically concentrates on Bing, Yahoo, and Google. It also quantifies the web chatter which makes it possible for developing an effective programming language. With the help of Java it is possible to reach out to different portals. As per the research that has been conducted by portal dice.com, Java has 35.7 percentages in the development and implementation of the Java programming. Apart from this it is possible to include different languages that are used in the process of web development.

Java resembles C++, but it omits many of the complicated features of C++. Some of the tasks that have been simplified by this process include problems that is posed for the beginners, operator overloading, templates, and multiple inheritance. Java lacks automatic conversations that are performed by C++.

In the similar manner, Java also adds few features that are related to the simplified programming methods that includes automatic method for collecting garbage. The storage management system allows Java to introduce different languages that includes C and C++. The memory is no longer requires the programmer to intervene with the system. Through the garbage collection system, it is possible to operate the program quite easily, without any hassle at all. Also it avoids any sort of dangling pointers that can affect its quality. In C++ program language, time and efforts has to be spent on finding the different methods for allocation or deal location of the method. As stated by Bergin, some of the industry reports that are presented on C++ require half of the programming efforts that are spent on the memory management system.

Java is a simple and small language that is not bigger than C or Pascal. However it is quite effective and stronger than the other languages that are being used by the programmers.  It is possible to use the best features that are related to Java is the smartness of the language that is being used to write the program.

The prime objective for introducing the object that is related to the object oriented program was to allow the students in understanding the relevance of the program. However, there are many disagreements that impact the performance of the program and these needs to be worked upon in an effective manner. The disagreement is on the usage of the C++ language that is being used by the company or the software designers. Some of the critics state that Java is the best method that will help the beginner to choose the object oriented language.

Java supports the below mentioned programs (and it has advantage over the C++ language) are –

  • It is necessary to use the objects that have been mentioned for the primary message communication. In this process, there is no stand along functions that is associated to a particular class.
  • The objects that are allocated to different applications have to be analyzed and it has to be used in the best possible manner. This s done through simplifying the semantics.
  • Implementing an effective storage segmentation system which can be handled automatically. In this process the challenges that are involved in the process has to be handled in the best possible manner.
  • Adopting and implementing the best store management system, which will handle the information automatically
  • Features like overloading, operator features, and others are not included in the process. Thus students have to learn the content in the best possible manner.

The support system has been developed to improve the quality of the object oriented programming. As Java is quite smaller than the small talk that is present in C++ it’s necessary to have good introductory language. Smalltalk, unlike Java has a syntax which is quite challenging for the beginners to learn. Thus it is considered to be one of the major drawbacks for the system.

With the increase in the demand for networking, and internet in specific students are expected to learn the writing software that is based on the network aware. Java has different types of languages that supports the network and makes it easy to use the URL’s and other sockets.

Many of the Java network cannot be used as an introductory course for a simple reason that is quite challenging. For instance, Java makes it simple for programs to access different type soft URL’s on the internet. This is done to improve the understanding of the students about the topic related to web performance. Also, it is possible to write interesting programs that includes advanced network functions. This is done to state how the programs work and it has to be coordinated with the network functioning.

In case Java is used as the second programing language or as the first one, it needs to have an effective networking system. This will enable the students to learn the relevance of the programs and apply the same in the best possible manner. As per the experts, Java allows students to use CS2 methods which are required for building interactive and distributed programs on the internet. This is quite an important feature for the object oriented programming style.

Java has numerous features and properties those results into the making of the language. It makes the system safe and allows the details to be transmitted from one end to the other, with the help of the internet. Such properties are often called as the instructors that are used for the introductory language. Java has features through which the tasks involved in the process can be checked and corrective steps can be taken to implement the changes. It’s possible to analyses the problem and then take the corrective steps through which exchanges can be implemented by the experts. Such a system is quite better than the others that don’t allow the users to evaluate the mistakes that are committed by the software.

Some of the measureable factors of Java are –

  • No pointers – Java has pointers that are installed internally. However there are no pointers operational system that are available for the programmers. Also there are no variables that can be used for converting the issues into the pointers.
  • Garbage collection – Due to the presence of the automatic system, it is possible to collect the garbage that can affect the memory of the system.
  • Effective checking system – Java allows an effective checking system that is quite stricter than C and C++. In this process, the process is checked on the basis of the time and costs. It is also possible to check the version errors that can affect the performance of the system.
  • Run time error – Java allows the users to check at the run time, and it includes sub-scripts that can affect the performance of the system.

The system is robust and it resists to the program error. Thus Java has been designed to secure the system against any malicious attack. The run time system is used to perform the checks that evaluates the program and transmits the same to different parts of the network system. In this case, an attempt is made to ensure that the system or the information is not tampered by the users. Java provides code that is used to check the validity of the system and the program is prevented from any sort of unauthorized actions. If applet is overloaded due to the webpage content, then it wouldn’t be possible to access the information that is considered to be relevant for the execution of the task. It again depends upon the type of programming that is being presented by Java to work against the virus and others that affects the program. It cannot access any sort of memory locations through pointers, which makes it quite a challenge. Thus it is necessary to handle the challenges related to software virus has to be taken by the students.

In this method the language includes architectural neutral. This encourages Java to be written on a random platform that is supported by the java run time system.

Importance is given to the multi-platform system that restricts Java to override the rules that has been framed by the system. In sun’s Java program development kit, there are varies of platforms that is being used for execution of the program. It includes Windows 95, NT and others. This is one of the reasons this system is used in the educational system. Also students can transport the programs from one system to the other.

Java programs are quite portable as camped to the other system that is available for the users. T allows easy accessed the ability of the information that includes portability. Also, it can be used in different languages that will be useful for the users. Many of the programs don’t define the range types, which makes it quite challenging to understand the challenges that are involved in the process. It is necessary to define the values as it assigned in the form of the 32 bit integers and allows float values those stores in 32 bits. It is done through IEEE 754 system. Also, instructors don’t have to worry about the explanation of the process that is being used for teaching the beginners of the lessons.

Also, the Java system is used for the portable system. In this process, the portability is analyzed. Java system allows the users to adopt portable method that will allow the users to make the changes.

Java has an integrated language that allows the users to compile different programs to benefit the users. There exists an interpreter through which the challenges can be easily handled. The run time present in the system allows the code to be loaded in the best possible manner. It means that the program can be developed and implemented in an effective manner.

Java has 2 primary implications. In one case, the program wouldn’t run on the same speed as other programs do. However in some cases the sapped is not revenant.

Another implication is related to the interpretation method that is followed for the purpose of execute of the task.  In case the program fails then it is necessary to draft an effective run time frame that is required for the execution of the task. In majority of the cases, the program doesn’t provide any clue to the program and thus makes it quite a challenging task. It is quite important to use the system through which the error can be identified and solved in an effective manner.

Programs that have been written in the garbage collected language and interpretation quite often doesn’t have much speed. At the time of using Java, it is necessary to evaluate the performance as there are penalty imposed to the system in case anything is not followed. The programs don’t work at an hg speed due to the process that is used for the purpose of execution of the task. Garbage collection system enables the program to perform well. Better sped can be achieved through the Java byte codes that will enable the machine to perform the task better. In this case, Borland C++ s considered through which the task is performed well.

Unless the other methods the programming languages have in-built system for multitasking, which makes it possible to perform different tasks at the same time? Java is the better method through which the concurrency can be developed and followed. It is possible to use it for different purposes and make the best use of the same. Also, it is possible to use Ada system, which is one of the main languages that are being used under the system. It can support different input sources that allow the output destinations to make the best use of the resources. Through this method it is possible to avoid problems that exist in the system. The users need to have perfect knowledge about the threading system as it will enable the users to use the system in the best possible manner.

Java can accommodate the fast pace and changes quite easily, which makes it the desired software program. In this case the run time has to be considered as it will help in execution of the task in the best possible manner. It has graphical use that allows the users to update the application as and when required. It is tied to the vendor software that makes it possible to use the system, in the best possible manner. It can be used for the purpose of the writing programs for different interfaces. For GUI, it side possible to conduct different programs that will help in developing the effective programs. Also, the system allows the software developer to run the program in different programs. It can also function on the independent window that is known as API. It is quite easy to operate and thus preferred by many users. AWT supports the GUI components and graphics and the sound system as well. Some of the features of the services are –

  1. Low cost – the tools used in the system is quite cheap and in some cases it is available for free. JDK is also available on the internet. It can be used as a complier and other tools that are necessary for implementing the changes.
  2. Testing – It is possible to test the software and write different programs that will be useful for the users.
  3. Easy to use – the application is quite easy to use and involves no complications.


There are certain drawbacks that need to be considered. It is an integrated language and thus speed is a bit concern. Some of the concerns with ether program are –

  1. There are other systems available in the market that offers higher price and better speed.
  2. In some cases it has to be implemented on the older platform that creates a major problem.
  3. The application is quite immature, as it has lots of challenges that are related to drafting and execution of the tasks
  4. The developer needs to be aware of the system that needs to be followed or else it might create lots of challenges for the applicant or the users.
  5. Unless the problem that exists with the system is not sorted out, it is not possible for the users to solve the issue and find an effective solution for the same.
  6. Syntax of the Java has been critics.
  7. It has no separation of certain specifications that is related to the implementation,
  8. It is quite challenging to determine the preconditions and post conditions.

Hoch’s stoicism has certain exception to the method that has been adopted and implemented by the system. There are certain exception that is related to the arithmetic exception and index out of bound exception. Such exceptions has to be realized by the developer as it will help in developing and implementing the right steps that will allow the users to make the best use of the application program. Such process allows the users to compile the steps and make the best use of the application program. Also, it lacks templates that are overloaded with the operators. This creates problem in separating the specific and implementation of the task.

The project is based on the car renting services that are used for the promotion of the tourism industry across the word. In this method, the website has been developed so as to ensure that the best information is shared with the users and they are helped in making the decision about the services.

The website shows details about the website and the features that are being offered by the company. It is necessary to include all the details that are considered to be quite important from the business development point of view. The look of the website is quite basic, and it includes the details of the car that has been rented by the company. The issues with the website are that the pages take time to get uploaded, which makes it challenging to provide the information to the users.

The adverting features include slider and other information that is necessary for the readers to view and read.  Also, the site has been not updated which makes it quite challenging to share the right type of information with the users. The CMS feature of the website is slow and old modeled. The database is based on the SQL method, which makes it quite challenging for the users to access the information. Thus, it is necessary to upgrade the looks of the website and add certain contents that will be useful for the readers.  This will improve the looks of the website and make it user-friendly.