Brief idea about what is UI & UX

In today’s software world two terms which are mostly used or rather we have heard of is UI and UX,  have a brief note about  UI & UX.

UI (User Interface)

UI is  User Interface in the technology world, this means everything that shows up on the screen: the images, text, button, arts and widgets as well as their color, size, and positioning, or in other words user interface includes all those parts of the computer or the machines that let us, humans, interact and communicate with it. For instance, now you are reading on this computer screen

UX (User Experience)

UX is User Experience, It is much more comprehensive than UI. It is the entire experience a user has when they use your product, or in other words it concentrated actually on the experience that user obtains in the process of interaction and using your product and ideas how to make it positive. User experience includes all the aspects of the user’s interaction with the product or the machine. The best user experience ensures not only the ease of use but also the joy to use that particular product. The true user experience goes just beyond providing the checklist of features, it provides much more than what user expect for.