5 Google search command you probably don’t no

Now days Google is one of the most search engine which peoples using around the world, here I am going to share you 5 command which you probably don’t no.

1) site: command

The Google site: command shows the list of pages known of the domain indicated . It will allow the indexation of a website or a part of website to be studied. It gives an approximation of the number of pages known in the search engine.

2) allintitle: command

The allintitle command allows to get all the pages containing the keyword in the title tag. The research is only done on the pages titles.

3) allinurl: command

This command lets you restrict the search to the URL of HTML pages, for example allinurl:techroid sends back all pages having the keyword techroid in the URL.

4) insert quotation mark

Quotation marks allow to make a search on the exact terms making up the request. Only pages carrying the expression that will come up between quotation marks.

5) insert – sign

This command remove a term or a domain of the search, for example  techroid -help it displays the results with the words techroid excludes all the pages mentioning about help.