All about robust framework Angular 2

AngularJS releases a new version AngularJS 2.0 with a lot of new features and people will need to rework on their current version of application to achieve the benefits. AngularJS 2.0 improves the architectural limitations and fixes most of the issues in the previous JavaScript application framework. The main goal of Angular 2 is to create a web framework that is super molecularity & simplicity the main advantage is performance. It is not the upgrade of Angular 1.x it is completely rewritten . Let’s have look All about Angular 2.

All about from previous version.

  • Angular 2 is completely mobile oriented

Angular 1.x was not built with mobile support in mind, where Angular 2 is purely mobile oriented.

  • Super Performance 

Performance gains are achieved (up to 5-10 times faster last then Angular 1.x) Check this blog for more details about performance.

  • Component based coding structure

Angular 2 is entirely component based. Controllers and $scope are no longer used. They have been replaced by components and directives. Components are directives with a template.

  • Angular 2 uses camelCase syntax for built-in directives

Angular 2 uses camelCase syntax for built-in directives. For example, ng-class is now ngClass and ng-model is now ngModel.

  •   Way of Bootstrapping Angular Application is changed

Angular 1.x has 2 ways to bootstrap angular. One using ng-appattribute and other via code.

  • Way of routing is Changed- syntax changed

In Angular 1.x, we use $routeProvider.when() to configuring routing. Where in Angular 2, @RouteConfig{(…}) is used. ng-view present in Angular 1.x is replaced with <router-outlet>

  • Not depend only on JavaScript

Using of TypeScript is a great step as TypeScript is awesome way to write JavaScript.

References or Resources to learn more about Angular 2